The “Jet İnformasiya Sistemleri” company is a 100% local Azerbaijani company and has been actively operating in the information technology (IT) market of Azerbaijan since 2008 year.

Our goal is to provide a reliable IT foundation for the development of commercial organizations and government institutions and increase the efficiency of their operations.

Initially offering enterprise-level Information Security solutions, over the past years “Jet İnformasiya Sistemleri” has developed a broad expertise to become a full-service system integrator with a wide portfolio of solutions and services, including specialized packages that meet industry requirements. Today, thanks to the synergy of the experience of our various divisions, we are successfully implementing large-scale integration projects.

Our Solutions



For Banks and Financial Institutions
Special-Order Software Development
Information Security


Fault-Tolerant Systems
Engineering Infrastructure for Data Processing Centers
Server Systems, Networks and Data Storage Systems
Corporate Networks
Network Solutions for Telecommunications Operators


Data Centers, Computing Systems and Data Storage Systems

Jet Infosystems has focused on the deployment of complex information systems, storage systems and data centers since its inception.


• Main, reserve or distributed data centers
• Fault-tolerant highly available cluster systems and highly available information services
• Consolidation, virtualization and optimization of computing resources usage based on RISC, Blade and standard architecture servers
• Consolidated data storage systems, data storage networks in local and geographically distributed datacenters, the virtualization of storage resources and development of hierarchical data storage models
• Backup and data recovery systems based on virtual libraries and data deduplication
• Monitoring and management systems for information systems, networks and data storage systems
• Dependable integrated application systems (ERP, СRM, BI/DSS, ABS class and others)
• Backbone infrastructure solutions - supporting, network and other services
• Terminal solutions for a wide range of customer tasks


• Audit and optimization of key computer centers subsystems, storage systems and database management systems
• Formulation of development policies for the customer’s IT infrastructure
• Development and introduction of strategies to provide uninterrupted IT services in emergency situations, including disaster recovery plans, audit of the customer’s information system, analysis of threats, risk mapping, establishment and maintenance (including outsourcing) of reserve datacenters
• Project documents and manuals for the customer’s new or existing systems
• IT infrastructure capacity planning – scalability analyses, calculation and planning of server and storage system parameters
• Planning and performing migration of data, application systems and entire integrated information systems without service interruptions

Corporate Networks and Networking Solutions for Telecommunication Operators

The Network Solutions Center (NSС) at Jet Infosystems deals with sophisticated projects requiring the integration of various systems and solutions from several vendors. Moreover, a typical networking project also requires some general integration with networking and infrastructure components, business applications (CRM, ERP, etc.), multimedia services (voice and video transmission), network and information security systems and so on.

Solutions for Corporate Customers

The Center offers a broad range of networking solutions, including:
• Local Area Networks
• Geographically-Distributed Corporate Networks
• Corporate Telephone Networks, Unified Communications Systems
• Call Centers
• Video Communications and Conferencing
• xWDM Optical Multiplexing Systems
• Optimization and Traffic Control Systems for Distributed Corporate Networks

Networking Solutions for Telecommunication Operators

The Center offers a broad range of networking solutions, including:
The Center’s specialists have extensive and sometimes unique expertise in solutions for telecommunications operators. The following solutions are offered:
• SDH, DWDM/CWDM Optical Networks
• Wireless WiMAX Networks
• Metro Ethernet Networks
• IP/MPLS Transport Networks
• NGN and IMS Telephone Networks
• Intellectual Value Added Services (VAS)
• Deep Packet Inspection Solutions
• Mobile Backhaul


The Network Solutions Center offers the following services:
• Identifying business requirements to the networking infrastructure and customizing vendor solutions to the customer’s needs
• Infrastructure diagnostics that may include:
 - Troubleshooting and repairs
 - Development of upgrade concepts
 - Evaluating the compliance of the system with business requirements as well as international or industry standards
 - Reducing operating costs

• The development of draft, technical, and final projects.
• Complete implementation (assembly, installation, integration, testing) for integrated projects (including one or more solutions as listed above).
• Master project supervision, project management and technical coordination among parties.
• Various (including 24/7) support and maintenance options for completed projects.
• Research and design with the use of NSC resources.
• Securing all necessary licenses from regulators.

Information Security

We offer a wide range of solutions and services with extensive experience and certified professionals.

Services and Solutions

The Center delivers a full range of services related to information security systems, including:
• Inspection, auditing and risk analysis
• Development of security procedures and mechanisms; security system design
• Delivery and deployment of information security tools and systems
• Certification of deployed systems
• Maintenance, specialist lending and outsourcing

Business Oriented Solutions

These range from ensuring the security of key business processes and the company as a whole to reducing information security costs and assuring corporate revenue:
• Business continuity/disaster recovery (BCP/DR) programs and the development of business continuity management (BCM) processes
• Development of centralized identity management systems (IdM)
• Introduction of electronic fraud management and revenue assurance functions (FM/RA)
• Protection of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
• Comprehensive data leakage protection (DLP)

Process-Oriented Solutions

These solutions relate to designing efficient information security management processes, controlling these processes and minimizing the risks:
• Creation of information security management systems (ISMS) in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard
• Construction of information security operation centers (SOC), including the implementation and automation of monitoring, as well as incident, vulnerability and compliance management.
Financial Organizations:
- Bringing payment systems into compliance with the PCI DSS standard (including certification)
 - Assessment of information security risks related to the Basel II agreement and so on.

Telecommunications Companies:
- Creation of information security systems for users (content filtering, spam protection, etc.)
 - Protection of data transfer networks
 - Certification of communication networks for compliance with information security requirements

Energy Industry:
- Protection of enterprise resource planning (SAP ERP) systems
 - Protection of automated process control systems and critical technological processes

Government, Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies:
- Information security audit, compliance with confidentiality requirements
 - Development of personal data protection solutions

Basic Infrastructures for Information Security

• Network security and protection of public access network gateways
• Protection against internal threats
• Data backup, development of fault-tolerant configurations and architectures
• Secure file storage
• Secure telecommunications systems
• Enhance authentication and public key infrastructure (PKI) solutions
• Content filtering, spam and virus protection frameworks, etc.

Compliance with Information Security Regulations

We offer comprehensive solutions for:
• Protection of personal data, including certification of the relevant information system and advice on obtaining FSTEC licenses for the technological protection of confidential information
• Set up and certify payment systems to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

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